Account Terms

The payments made to Mobihost are not refundable Mobihost consents to providing its services to the clients, provided the following terms of service (TOS) and acceptable use policy (AUP) are met. You agree to accept both by agreeing to use the services of Mobihost. While the AUP is subject to revision from time to time without any prior notice to the subscribers, the discretion to do so rests with the company. Further, customers also acknowledge that if the company makes changes to the AUP, the same will not constitute grounds for either non-payment of service charges or termination of the contract on an earlier date than agreed upon by the clients. In case any legal issue arises in the course of the contract, the same will be under the jurisdiction of the state of Illinois and will be construed according to the laws of the state.

The AUP, which is mentioned in the contract, does not approve of the use of the services for activities that are termed “illegal” as per the laws of the state. The Company reserves the right to disclose information related to the subscriber, either in part or in full, including account history, IP numbers or account use to law enforcement agencies on receiving a written request without informing the subscriber about it. Moreover, Mobihost may also terminate its services in cases involving illegal activities.

Service charges:

By agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned in this contract, the subscriber acknowledges that the information pertaining to the nature of service or service charges have been furnished to them and that they are aware of the Company’s policy to make a revision in the service charges from time to time.


The services of the Company to the subscriber can be termed « established » only if the former receives the stated charges from the latter, and acknowledged via receipt. Subsequent payments in a month will be due on the same date of every month for a month’s service. In addition, the subscriber consents to an automatic recovery of the service charges by the Company through their credit card on monthly basis. By virtue of it, Mobihost may process the credit card of the client from one to five days prior to the original due date to ensure the smooth reception of funds.


If payment via the credit card of a subscriber is denied, a declination fee of $0.20 will be charged against the same. In addition, if the subscriber fails to make payment in 3 days post the due date, the services linked to their account will be automatically interrupted

Disputes related to refund:

All payments made to Mobihost are nonrefundable and includes the setup fee at the beginning and subsequent charges, irrespective of the nature of use. The subscriber is required to report the issues related to billing disputes within 30 days from the actual date on which the issue had occurred. Any dispute to the amount charged by credit card issuer, which is deemed valid according to the TOS/AUP of Mobihost, will lead to a $25 « Administrative Fee » to the subscriberalong with the termination of all active services associated with their account.

Failure to make payment:

In the event of non-receipt of payments that are due for a month, Mobihost reserves the right to terminate the agreement. However, the subscriber will still remain liable to pay the accrued charges plus collection fees or reasonable interest.

Account cancellation:

If you wish to cancel your account, you may apply for the same by raising a helpdesk ticket, seven days before the due date. You are also required to provide all information related to your account. Interruption of services: Given the nature of the services provided by the Company, the subscriber acknowledges that there can be an interruption in the services due to various reasons. In the process, they also agree that the company is not liable to pay for any damages, loss or injury which may occur subsequently.


You will automatically receive the invoice at least seven days before the due date.


For the sake of convenience and in line with the needs of our customers, we provide 24×7 technical support to them by means of the web-based help desk. It remains open all the time, except for brief company meetings or some holidays. As the servers housed at the facility of the company are not managed, we ensure that the server is available on the internet. We neither provide support for issues related to any particular application like CGI Programming, HTML etc. nor any technical support for the clients of our customers.

Unsolicited commercial email and SPAM:

Mobihost adopts a zero tolerance approach towards SPAM or unsolicited emails. In other words, the clients of the Company are not permitted to use its network for UCE transactions. The same holds true for their customers. Also, the customers should neither host nor permit others to host the sites or the information pertaining to UCE from any other network. Any breach of this policy may either lead to penalty or termination of the agreement. If Mobihost receives a notification related to the violation of its SPAM Policy, the Company will at first, initiate an investigation within 24 hours during which, it may restrict the customer’s access to the server to prevent any further misuse or violation. If the customer’s involvement in the incident involving the breach of the policy is established in the course of the investigation, the company may either suspend, restrict or terminate their account. In order to recover the costs associated with the investigation, Mobihost may pursue civil remedies. It may also notify the law enforcement agencies about the incident if any criminal offense is established in the course of the investigation. The first step will involve the charging of an « Administrative Fee » worth $50, and the account will be under review for an immediate termination if deemed necessary. A violation of the policy will result in an « Administrative Fee » of $100 and instant termination of the customer’s account. Besides, a « Research Fee » of $175 will also be charged for carrying out the investigation of the matter by the personnel of Mobihost. As it may prove to be expensive, we expect our customers not to SPAM from their account. To address the issue of SPAM, it is strongly recommended that our clients should use stricter policies for their customers in this regard.
We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. « Safe lists » and purchased lists will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated with or without notice.Sites advertised via SPAM (Spamvertised) may not be hosted on our servers. This provision includes, but is not limited to SPAM sent via fax, email, instant messaging, or usenet/newsgroups. No organization or entity listed in the ROKSO may be hosted on our servers. Any account which results in our IP space being blacklisted will be immediately suspended and/or terminated.Mobihost reserves the right to require changes or disable as necessary any web site, account, database, or other component that does not comply with its established policies, or to make any such modifications in an emergency at its sole discretion.


We may immediately remove the account of such customers from our server who host websites or services which support spammers or may cause our IP space being listed on any Spam Database. Subsequently, the server will remain disconnected until the concerned customer agrees to fully remove the offending material as soon as the connection is established. We may ask for the access to the server to verify the same. While first violation will result in severe penalties on the part of the customer, repetition of the same will lead to permanent removal of their account immediately without any notice.


Mobihost will have the right to control the internet protocol addresses assigned to its clients, meaning that the customers will have no right to use them in ways other than the ones permitted by the company in the agreement. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to change or remove the assigned internet protocol addresses without any notice. As a standard rule, all IPs allocated to the customers should be used within 48 hours. In case the same does not happen, the company may retract them at its sole discretion without any notification to the client.


Hybrid Servers combine the benefits of dedicated servers — exceptional performance and enterprise specifications — with the convenience and flexibility of virtualized infrastructure(Cloud Dedicated Server). They are an excellent choice for eCommerce stores and web applications that have outgrown their existing hosting.

The use of the bandwidth:

The company will keep an eye on the bandwidth used by its clients. It may take a punitive action against a customer if the use of bandwidth by them has a negative impact on other clients.

Second violation:

The account of a customer will be immediately terminated if it is established in the course of an investigation that they have violated the acceptable use policy for the second time.

Security of the system and network:

Any violation or undesirable action linked to the network or system security of Mobihost will be treated as a crime and may result in criminal or civil liability. These include any unauthorized attempt to access the data, any breach of security protocol or authentication measures, interference in the network of other users via flooding, overloading, crashing, mail bombing or taking any unauthorized action. If required, the company will fully cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in cases involving severe violation of this policy.

The manner of notification:

Mobihost does not assume or undertake the responsibility to police the internet activities of its client. However, if a violation of the policy comes to the notice of the company officials, the customer will receive a warning email regarding it and the services may be temporarily discontinued until the customer gives an assurance in writing to the company that the same will not be repeated in future. If at the subsequent stages, the customer is found to have repeated any incident involving violation of the acceptable use policy, they will be subjected to a severe penalty other than the instant termination of their account. Sometimes the company may terminate the agreement at first and inform the customer later as a last resort if an offending activity by them causes great harm to others on the internet.

Outgoing email:

Mobihost may at its sole discretion, either restrict or block the entire outgoing SMTP traffic if a malicious behavior is detected. By doing so, the company will not be liable or responsible for the degradation of the service due to the move. The use of SMTP traffic may be allowed if a customer provides legitimate reasons or evidence for the same. Cancellation or suspension of service: Mobihost reserves the right to suspend or cancel its services to its clients whose servers are found to be the source of violation of the aforementioned policies. The company does not assure a prior notification to its customers. It may also reach out to law enforcement authorities in cases involving criminal offenses as per the local laws.

Revision to the TOS:

The company reserves the right to revise its policies from time to time at its sole discretion. Moreover, the subscribers are expected to comply with the amended policies failing which, their accounts may be suspended or terminated as deemed fit in the investigation.


By agreeing to the AUP, the clients of Mobihost agree to indemnify the company for any infringement of any policy either related to its AUP or TOS that causes a loss in any manner due to third-party. What it means is that a customer will be liable to bear the financial expenses of any damages and attorney’s fees in the event of a third party suing the company due to their action. Notwithstanding the nature of service, the customers also agree to relieve the company of any losses caused to them due to the discontinuation of service depending upon any reason out of all the reasons mentioned in the contract.

Other provisions:

The customers agree to keep the company updated with their current contact information which includes their telephone number, fax number, and email address. This agreement prohibits them from transferring or assigning the agreement to any other part without the prior written consent issued by the company Mobihost does not undertake any responsibility related to material input, damages to any of its client’s business or the content of any other website linked to its network. The company will also not be liable for the loss of data or merchantability or warranty for the same.


Payments made to Mobihost are non-refundable The following constitutes the violation of the acceptable use policy (AUP) of Mobihost: Unauthorized usage: The unauthorized use of any of the services provided by Mobihost is considered as a major violation to its AUP. As a result, the company reserves the discretion to cooperate with concerned third parties or legal authorities to initiate an investigation if any civil wrongdoing or crime is suspected.


Threats include the misuse of features, like e-mail, posting, uploading, and on, offered by the company to encourage or cause bodily harm or loss of property.


It includes the unauthorized use of email or posting services to transmit any material to harass another person intentionally or deliberately.

Impersonation or forgery:

The manipulation or modification of any information pertaining to the header with the objective to mislead or deceive others is strictly prohibited as it violates the acceptable use policy of the company.

Fraudulent activity:

Any unauthorized usage of Mobihost’s services comprising offers to buy or sell items or services or advance any financial scam are included in this category.

SPAM or unsolicited commercial email:

Any unauthorized use of Mobihost’s services for the purpose of transmission of unsolicited bulk or commercial email may lead to the instant termination of the account of the offender.

News bombing:

If a user makes use of the email services in a way that impedes the use of the email by other user or users of the company’s service, the offender’s account will be immediately terminated without any notice.


The manipulation or forging of the message headers either partially or fully is strictly prohibited. The company has a zero tolerance approach towards such unethical practices. Any electronic transmission of such content will be treated as the violation of the company’s AUP.

Usenet spamming:

On no account are the customers allowed to post messages or commercial advertisements that infringe the rules and regulations of a mailing list or newsgroups. Only those commercial messages that are solicited or accepted by the recipients are permitted.

Copyright infringement and unauthorized access:

Mobihost expressly prohibits any attempt to steal or access the data or content of other users. The same applies to the telecommunication and electronic communication system and hardware or software of another entity. Similarly, the customers are expected to adhere to the laws related to copyright infringement of the content which belongs to any third party. That is to say that the clients of the company should not misuse any of the company’s services to transmit materials that violate the copyright, patent, trademark, proprietary rights or trade secret of any third party.

Unfriendly practices or activities:

Network disruptions or denial of service attacks is a big no no on the network of Mobihost. Practices like spamming, trying to get into the server of others, electronic transmission of viruses or adult content, undesirable use of any software or IP addresses, gambling are expressly prohibited. If the involvement of a customer in any such activities is established, the company will impose a severe penalty on them, and may even go to the extent of prosecuting them depending upon the seriousness of the incident.

Unauthorized hosting:

Hosting the game servers, direct connect clients, bots or internet relay chat networks, services that cause denial of service attacks, traffic exchange, plex hosting or streaming, the use of proxies or VPNs for any other use other than personal usage, CCCam/OSCam/MultiCS, transmission of torrents/bittorrent, etc. are not allowed.

Breach of security:

Actions that are aimed at violating the security of Mobihost’s system will lead to instant termination of all services provided by the company.

Reseller Client Responsibility:

Reseller clients of Mobihost are responsible for supporting their clients.Mobihost do offer only limited support for Resellers Clients. If a Resellers client contacts us, we reserve the right to place the client account on hold until the Reseller can assume their responsibility for their client. All support requests must be made by the Reseller on their clients behalf for security purposes. Resellers are also responsible for all content stored or transmitted under their reseller account and the actions of their clients.Mobihost will hold any reseller responsible for any of their clients actions that violate the law or Mobihost Terms of Service / FUP Policies / .If any Reseller account involved in doing Resource abuse or Unacceptable content abuse’s Mobihost has rights to block the total Reseller since the accounts should maintain under the fair usage policy.Reseller’s are responsible for their clients how the accounts are being hosted.
Providing Free hosting is not allowed for any Reseller’s/Master/Alpha Reseller’s.If provided the account will be Suspended and no refunds will be given. We will be terminating all the account under the WHM

Shared Environment Policies:

Shared Hosting,Reseller Hosting,Master Reseller & Alpha Reseller Hosting Plans Customers should run their/their clients Websites As per the Policies Defined.All your sites will be hosted in Shared Environment so every cPanel you are hosted will have only limited Resource Allocated.We have rights to suspend/terminate the cPanel/Account in question with/without Notice which is involved in Resource Abuses like CPU,RAM,MYSQL,IO,IOPS,EP
As its an Shared Environment Other Websites/Reseller’s Clients websites will also be hosted on the server so if any domains/account Violating the FUP/TOS/CPU Resources We will Suspend/Block the HTTP Access of the site in question with/without notice to stablize the Server
You can able to host only average Traffic Websites in shared Environment in shared environment.incase of any High Traffic sites you should consider hiring an VPS/Dedicated Servers as per your website requirement

Acceptable Use Policy:

All services provided by Mobihost may be used for lawful purposes only. Examples of unacceptable material include: IRC Bots, Proxy Scripts, Anonymizers, Pirated Software, Warez, image hosting only sites that do not host an actual domain/normal website content, Escrow, High-Yield Interest Programs(HYIP), Bank Debentures ,Livechat/Chat Scripts,Download sites(Pirated softwares), Bank Debenture Trading Programs, and Prime Banks Programs, lottery sites, muds, rpg’s, hate sites,Facebook Bots,Instagram bots (Social Networking Related Bots), hacker focused sites/archives/programs, sites promoting illegal activities,Flash Games or Online Gaming Sites,Movie’s,MP3 Songs,File hosting. No refunds will be given.
Resellers: we will suspend the site in question and will notify you so you may terminate the account. We will further monitor your activity; more than one infraction of this type may result in the immediate termination of your account. No refunds will be given.
Direct customers: Your services will be terminated with or without notice. Violations will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. No refunds will be given.
It is your responsibility to ensure that scripts/programs installed under your account are secure and permissions of directories are set properly, regardless of installation method. When at all possible, set permissions on most directories to 755 or as restrictive as possible.

Acceptable Usage Policy:

Examples of unacceptable material include: IRC Bots, Proxy Scripts, Anonymizers, Pirated Software, Warez, image hosting only sites that do not host an actual domain/normal website content, Escrow, High-Yield Interest Programs(HYIP), Bank Debentures ,Livechat/Chat Scripts,Download sites(Pirated softwares), Bank Debenture Trading Programs, and Prime Banks Programs, lottery sites, muds, rpg’s, hate sites,Facebook Bots,Instagram bots (Social Networking Related Bots), hacker focused sites/archives/programs,testing environments (Storing your Website Projects), sites promoting illegal activities,Flash Games or Online Gaming Sites,Movie’s,MP3 Songs,File hosting. No refunds will be given.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Any material that in our judgment that is obscene or threatening is prohibited and will be removed from our servers with or without notice. Failure to respond to email from our abuse department within 48 hours may result in the suspension or termination of your services. If in doubt regarding the acceptability of your site or service, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. No refunds will be given.
You shall agree to use only licensed and legal third party softwares in connection with your use of our services. Mobihost reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s access to any or all services provided, at any time, or when Mobihost decides that the account has been inappropriately used or otherwise.
Potential harm to minors is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to child pornography or content perceived to be child pornography (Lolita). Any site found to host child pornography or linking to child pornography will be terminated immediately without notice. We will also report this to the appropriate authorities. No refunds will be given.
You are not allowed to create hosting with free domains like .tk .ga .ml .cf and other free domains.The numbers of abuse cases are increased with the use of free domains.If you want to host free domain you need to get approval from our abuse/security team
Hosting Courier Site’s are not allowed under our server.If hosted and notified by our Team We will suspend it.For unsuspension client he/she should send us the Company Registration proof,Identity Proof Provided by the Government After verification we will unsuspend the account. Failure of providing proof within the timeframe will held in service cancellation and no refunds
U.S. export control regulations forbid trade and impose economic sanctions and embargoes against certain targeted geographic regions, countries, and governments including: Iran, Cuba and Syria.So Hosting Accounts which Such TLD Are not allowed and it will be blocked.
Every cPanel will be allocated with 100% CPU,RAM : Upto 1GB,IO & IOPS : Upto 1 GB.In Shared environment the sites should maintain the resource under the limit and MySQL query timing should not take long to process.If any accounts using morethan the fair usage policy will be suspended and we can give single IP Address access for optimization and no Refund will be given
Uptime The uptime of a server is defined as the reported uptime from the operating system of the server which may differ from the uptime reported by individual services.Mobihost cannot 100% gaurantee the uptime status of any server for many factors which may include but not limited to updates to software, malicious or intentional activities, hardware failure, acts of God defined as conditions beyond our (Mobihost and/or our vendors that provide equipement or services to us) control that interupts services at a facility.
Websites/Servers Down Due to Firewall IP Block Caused by Failed Login Attempts/Excess number of connections from Particular IP are not covered under the Uptime gurantee.
Any service interruptions or downtime due to scheduled maintenance by Mobihost or our network providers will not count towards the uptime guarantee. Mobihost is not liable in any way for failure of third party services.
Mobihost will not be liable for failure or delay in performing its obligations if such failure or delay is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other labour disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of, interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services (including DNS propagation), failure of third party software or hardware or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies or power used in or equipment needed for provision of the Services.
Mailing Policy and Limits: Sending Bulk mails are not allowed on our server,Per cPanel account can send 150 Mails Per Hour.If any accounts seems to be spamming it will be suspended with or without any notice.Doing Bulk Mails needs VPS/Dedicated Servers for your Purpose.There will be no refund offered incase of any spamming issue caused due to your services’s


All payments made to Mobihost are nonrefundable and includes the setup fee at the beginning and subsequent charges, irrespective of the nature of use. The subscriber is required to report the issues related to billing disputes within 30 days from the actual date on which the issue had occurred. Any dispute to the amount charged by credit card issuer, which is deemed valid according to the TOS/AUP of Mobihost, will lead to a $25 « Administrative Fee » to the subscriberalong with the termination of all active services associated with their account.Mobihost reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or otherwise restrict access to the account at any time with or without notice incase of any FUP/TOS Violation’s.No Refunds Any abuse on our staff in any medium or format will result in the suspension or termination of your services.

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VPS, Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, Infrastructure Services, AWS or Google Cloud Computing services are not eligible for 30 days money back guarantee.

If the TOS/AUP agreed upon when ordering is violated this voids your eligibility for the 30 day money back guarantee. WIPL reserves the right to deny the refund if we feel abuse of services has occurred.


Any Software License purchased from Mobihost Should be used only on our Servers.Using of License in another server which does not belongs to Mobihost Will lead to License suspension/termination and No Refunds will be offered. All the WHMCS License offered by us should be used only on our servers.As per the WHMCS Agreement we are not allowed to sell/give license to other servers.Incase of violation license will be cancelled and no refunds will be given Free WHMCS License must be used only on our servers incase of violation the free license will be subjected to cancellation and no refunds for the orders.


Mobihost shall not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. Mobihost makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for services we provide. Mobihost disclaims any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, no deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by Mobihost and its employees.Mobihost has rights to Change the Terms of Service/Refund Policy/Pricing of Plans anytime with or without Notice.All customers would be bound by the newest terms published on the website.